Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Sponsor Letter

April 17, 2012

Good morning Sue!

Beacon has been very busy!  This past month, Beacon attended Mule Day, celebrated my birthday, went to Puppy Camp and visited the farm.  

3/31/12 - Mule Day
Since 1840 - yes, 1840 -  people from all over head to Columbia Tennesssee,  the “Mule Capital” of the World, for Mule Day.  It is an annual celebration of all things related to mules and is attended by over  200,000 people.  This year our daughter, Amy, was marching in the Mule Day Parade with her high school band.

It was a very hot day but Beacon was a trooper!

Beacon Mule Day 1

Beacon celebrated my birthday on April 2nd
(see Beacon Birthday photo)

04/04/12 - 04/12/12 - Puppy Camp
Southeastern Guide Dogs requires each puppy to attend puppy camp at least once during the raising process.  Puppy camp is when you give the puppy you are raising to another raiser for a period of time.  The purpose of puppy camp is to allow the puppy in training to experience a different handler, different environments and to evaluate how the puppy reacts to different situations and exposures.  We were very fortunate that our daughter, Jenny, volunteered to puppy camp Beacon at her college.  

Beacon learned to climb and sit in the bleachers,
Went to the cafeteria each day and successfully licked the floor clean!,
Met some of the cross country team,
Attended classes,
hung out Jenny's dorm room,
visited the library often,
checked campus mail,
watched a rugby match,
slept on the floor (on Jenny's backpack),
posed at the TC entrance,
played on the tennis courts,
watched a tennis match,
played some more on the tennis courts,
posed at the other TC entrance

He walked all over campus each day, attended classes and cross country and track practices.  Beacon even helped Jenny give several campus tours for prospective students.  As usual, Beacon was on best behavior and was loved by everyone!  

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