Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decoration Day and Family

Although I sometimes do not like to admit it, I was born, raised and lived in New Jersey for 40 years. My eldest sons special needs necessitated our relocation to Tennessee in 2005. I miss talking face to face with my Mom. I do not get 'home' often enough. I am sad that my children are not growing up with the majority of their cousins nearby. I dislike that my youngest son has not seen his 'Grammy' in 3 1/2 years. I could go on forever. I could also tell you about the wonders of Tennessee. Meeting my husband, the beauty of the mountains, the less stressed living, not to mention the lowered cost of living. My youngest son has lived in Tennessee longer than he lived in New Jersey. He does not say 'Are-inge' like a Northerner but instead says "Or-inge' like a Southerner and (sometimes) I am ok with that. I like the South. It is my home now.

Then Decoration Day arrives and I remember that, unlike my husband, I am not a Southerner. I never heard of Decoration Day. After it is explained to me I think 'Well isn't that just like Memorial Day?". My son's Boy Scout Pack in New Jersey took responsibility for placing flags at the headstones of deceased military members at several cemeteries. In the South though, A LOT of people go to their loved ones cemetery and 'decorate' the grave sites - whether they served in their country in the military or not.

I guess Honey is a Southern Dog. This year she participated in Decoration Day.
And then, for being such a good girl, she was rewarded with some down time at the farm.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppy Meeting Foundation Fighting Blindness Walk

Today was the Foundation Fighting Blindness walk in Nashville. This normally would be something right up my alley EXCEPT for:
  • It was one of the hottest recorded days in Tennessee in almost 70 years
  • I had to walk with Honey, the other pups in our group as well as what seemed like a million other dogs (ok you cannot tell from this picture but there were A LOT of dogs there!)
  • The Cicada invasion was at its peak
  • CIcadas like to fly into me and land on me. There could be thousands of people around but somehow they always seem to want to be with me. The same is true of mosquitoes!
  • Cicadas in mating mode are really loud!
  • The walk is being held in Cicada headquarters
  • Dogs love to eat Cicadas!
Being raised in the North, this was my first experience with cicadas. For those of you who do not know what cicadas are the above pictures should give you some understanding of my desire to be almost anywhere but where I was today. The puppies did well and we all managed to survive the heat and bugs. Today I think I took some of the best pictures of Honey to date.

Isn't she sooo cute??

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water Dog? Not Honey

We went to Atlanta to visit Scotty's sister, Tamera and her husband, Nigel. Always the most gracious hosts, it is like a vacation to visit with Tamera and Nigel. They have a lovely home with a beautiful fenced yard - with a pool. Let me preface what follows by stating Honey loves water. She loves to get in the shower, likes getting wet by the hose outside when Scotty is washing the cars, loves puddles, the rain, sprinklers, her water bowl - pretty much anything to do with water. I was worried that Honey, being a Lab, would give us problems around the pool. We had problems but not the type we expected. Not many words necessary. I think the pictures explain it all...
Scotty - 'I can coax her into the pool'
Despite best efforts, it is not working. Honey will not take the plunge.
Scotty - 'Look at this cool green ring'
Bribe time.
Scotty - 'Closer but not in'
Honey -' Closer but not in'
Scotty - 'AHA, I got you now Honey'
Honey - 'Let me out of here!'
Honey - 'Maybe if I swim to this thing I can get out of here'

Honey - 'Well that did not work. Billy just screamed.'
Note Billy writhing in pain in the background
Billy - 'Ouch, that hurt!'
Scotty - 'If I beg will you come in?'
Scotty - 'You will learn to love the pool, Honey, even if I have to drag you in'
Frantic to get to safety
Honey - 'I am safe here!'
Scotty - 'Maybe if I carry her in Honey will like the pool'
Scotty - 'Wow Honey, you are getting heavy!'
The Dog Whisperer
Look! Honey can doggie paddle
Honey - 'I think I may get use to this swimming stuff'

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Before our puppy raiser meeting, we took 2 of the children and Honey to a performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The Schermerhorn was completed in September 2006 but the Nashville floods of May 2010 caused $40 million dollars of damage to the hall. Obviously the repairs were extensive and time consuming but when the hall was reopened on December 31st we (mostly I) were itching to go.
Waiting to head in to the symphony

Raising a SEGD puppy has it perks. When our usher saw Honey he asked a lot of questions about SEGD and puppy raising and we gladly answered his questions. He asked to wait for a moment and came back and INSISTED we take an upgrade to balcony seats. As much as we protested, persisted we take the balcony seats. His boss ok'd the switch. He won the battle and we took the upgrade. For the first time, I sat in the balcony at the symphony! I was glad the balcony box patron did not attend that performance.
The Balcony view at the Schermerhorn!

This was an awesome childrens' performance at the symphony. Just right for 2 kids and a puppy who never attended the symphony before. The theme was "We Are Going on a Safari" and jeans and casual clothes were the dress code for the day. We were thankful as we had a puppy meeting to attend directly after the performance. We managed to get in trouble though. Not Honey, she was perfect. We were taking photographs (before the performance started) and were told we could not photograph the symphony before or during the performance. We were really trying to photograph the kids and Honey but did not have the heart to share that fact with our wonderful usher. We towed the line, had a wonderful time, took this photograph after the show and headed out to our puppy meeting.

Good Bye Diva, Welcome Frenchie and a Mother's Day Surprise

We all were able to meet Clifford the day he arrived in Nashville (Harlem Globetrotters Game) but we had to wait until today to meet Frenchie (Miss Faye's pup).

Frenchie (sister to Clifford)
Of course, the little ones focused on the new little one
While poor Clifford just lounged around

We had our usual obedience training with the pups at the Nashville Flea Market
AC Becky Dan with Clifford
Tina Sawyer (with Grandson) with Frenchie
Honey checking out the new pups

At this meeting we also said goodbye to Diva, who was called IFT.
Honey looking sad that Diva is headed IFT
But Honey's sadness was short lived. When we arrived home, Emily was there to surprise me for Mother's Day.

I was totally surprised (and usually not that easy to fool)
Check out Honey going crazy in the background

The best Mother's Day present
Crazy Happy!