Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Bye Diva, Welcome Frenchie and a Mother's Day Surprise

We all were able to meet Clifford the day he arrived in Nashville (Harlem Globetrotters Game) but we had to wait until today to meet Frenchie (Miss Faye's pup).

Frenchie (sister to Clifford)
Of course, the little ones focused on the new little one
While poor Clifford just lounged around

We had our usual obedience training with the pups at the Nashville Flea Market
AC Becky Dan with Clifford
Tina Sawyer (with Grandson) with Frenchie
Honey checking out the new pups

At this meeting we also said goodbye to Diva, who was called IFT.
Honey looking sad that Diva is headed IFT
But Honey's sadness was short lived. When we arrived home, Emily was there to surprise me for Mother's Day.

I was totally surprised (and usually not that easy to fool)
Check out Honey going crazy in the background

The best Mother's Day present
Crazy Happy!

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