Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water Dog? Not Honey

We went to Atlanta to visit Scotty's sister, Tamera and her husband, Nigel. Always the most gracious hosts, it is like a vacation to visit with Tamera and Nigel. They have a lovely home with a beautiful fenced yard - with a pool. Let me preface what follows by stating Honey loves water. She loves to get in the shower, likes getting wet by the hose outside when Scotty is washing the cars, loves puddles, the rain, sprinklers, her water bowl - pretty much anything to do with water. I was worried that Honey, being a Lab, would give us problems around the pool. We had problems but not the type we expected. Not many words necessary. I think the pictures explain it all...
Scotty - 'I can coax her into the pool'
Despite best efforts, it is not working. Honey will not take the plunge.
Scotty - 'Look at this cool green ring'
Bribe time.
Scotty - 'Closer but not in'
Honey -' Closer but not in'
Scotty - 'AHA, I got you now Honey'
Honey - 'Let me out of here!'
Honey - 'Maybe if I swim to this thing I can get out of here'

Honey - 'Well that did not work. Billy just screamed.'
Note Billy writhing in pain in the background
Billy - 'Ouch, that hurt!'
Scotty - 'If I beg will you come in?'
Scotty - 'You will learn to love the pool, Honey, even if I have to drag you in'
Frantic to get to safety
Honey - 'I am safe here!'
Scotty - 'Maybe if I carry her in Honey will like the pool'
Scotty - 'Wow Honey, you are getting heavy!'
The Dog Whisperer
Look! Honey can doggie paddle
Honey - 'I think I may get use to this swimming stuff'

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