Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decoration Day and Family

Although I sometimes do not like to admit it, I was born, raised and lived in New Jersey for 40 years. My eldest sons special needs necessitated our relocation to Tennessee in 2005. I miss talking face to face with my Mom. I do not get 'home' often enough. I am sad that my children are not growing up with the majority of their cousins nearby. I dislike that my youngest son has not seen his 'Grammy' in 3 1/2 years. I could go on forever. I could also tell you about the wonders of Tennessee. Meeting my husband, the beauty of the mountains, the less stressed living, not to mention the lowered cost of living. My youngest son has lived in Tennessee longer than he lived in New Jersey. He does not say 'Are-inge' like a Northerner but instead says "Or-inge' like a Southerner and (sometimes) I am ok with that. I like the South. It is my home now.

Then Decoration Day arrives and I remember that, unlike my husband, I am not a Southerner. I never heard of Decoration Day. After it is explained to me I think 'Well isn't that just like Memorial Day?". My son's Boy Scout Pack in New Jersey took responsibility for placing flags at the headstones of deceased military members at several cemeteries. In the South though, A LOT of people go to their loved ones cemetery and 'decorate' the grave sites - whether they served in their country in the military or not.

I guess Honey is a Southern Dog. This year she participated in Decoration Day.
And then, for being such a good girl, she was rewarded with some down time at the farm.

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