Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppy Meeting Foundation Fighting Blindness Walk

Today was the Foundation Fighting Blindness walk in Nashville. This normally would be something right up my alley EXCEPT for:
  • It was one of the hottest recorded days in Tennessee in almost 70 years
  • I had to walk with Honey, the other pups in our group as well as what seemed like a million other dogs (ok you cannot tell from this picture but there were A LOT of dogs there!)
  • The Cicada invasion was at its peak
  • CIcadas like to fly into me and land on me. There could be thousands of people around but somehow they always seem to want to be with me. The same is true of mosquitoes!
  • Cicadas in mating mode are really loud!
  • The walk is being held in Cicada headquarters
  • Dogs love to eat Cicadas!
Being raised in the North, this was my first experience with cicadas. For those of you who do not know what cicadas are the above pictures should give you some understanding of my desire to be almost anywhere but where I was today. The puppies did well and we all managed to survive the heat and bugs. Today I think I took some of the best pictures of Honey to date.

Isn't she sooo cute??

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