Thursday, May 5, 2011

My new shoes

I splurged and bought myself a new pair of (really expensive) shoes. I am not Imelda Marcos and, for the record, I have not purchased new shoes for myself in well over 5 years (not counting sneakers). I only own several pairs of shoes, mainly because
  • I do not work outside of my home any more (yay for being self employed and home office!)
  • Aside from black, white, cream and navy shoes - how many more pairs do I really need?
  • Having been cursed with Womens size 5 feet makes it really hard to find shoes that fit and are stylish
  • Having been cursed with EEEE width feet makes it really, really, really hard to find shoes
  • Being dragged, I mean, walking a dog in shoes does not work for me
All that being said, I took my birthday money (thanks Mom!) and bought a pair of Josef Seibel leather shoes. I did so based on my sisters insistence that they are the most comfortable shoes in the world for people with small fat feet (yes, my sister has been similarly cursed - thanks Dad!). Well guess what? They are the best, most comfortable shoes in the world! Maybe not the most stylish, but comfortable - YES!
I brought them home and within an hour - to my horror - this is what I see

Now I make certain I put my shoes away behind a closed door!

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