Friday, August 30, 2013

Beacon has been MATCHED!!

Joy does not describe the feeling I got when I opened the following e-mail.

Good Afternoon PuppyLand,

The matches for most of the September class have been confirmed.  We are expecting to release the final matches next week.

Please send our  Congratulations to the raisers of these outstanding puppies! Be mindful that there can be changes in any class. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Puppy Raiser Day scheduled for Saturday, September 14th   We will be sending an agenda out early next week.  Please ask raisers to RSVP to  *** in Puppy Raising Services at 941*** as soon as possible.

Frela (5Q11) BLM -  raised by *** of our Charlotte, NC group
Stross (7S11) YLF – raised by *** of our Houston, TX group
Beacon (6L11) YLM – raised by Karen Creason of our Nashville, TN group
Steve (7Q11) YLM – raised by *** of our Gainesville, FL group
Jib (6Q11) YLM – raised by *** of our Houston, TX group
Templeton (3Q11) BLM – raised by *** of our Tri-County FL group
Penny (64PD11) YLF – raised by *** of our Charlotte, NC group

I do feel really bad that Scotty is never mentioned as co-raiser as he had just a much to do with Beacons success as I did.  But really it was all Sweet Beacon.  He makes us proud!