Thursday, October 4, 2012


Normally Puppy Raisers bring their pups back to Southeastern Guide Dogs for the big IFT day.  Considering we live so far and flights are not so cheap right now, we said good bye to Sweet Beacon and our Area Coordinator drove Beacon (along with another dog from our Nashville group - and 3 Atlanta dogs) back to start his advanced training.

We brought a picnic lunch to the park near our meeting place.  Of course, we had to take more pictures!

and par for the course, they only became more silly over time...

One last busy before we headed to the drop off...

Travel supplies, check

Some running around time...

Farewell hugs....

and last minute 'be a good boy' instructions

and Beacon was on his way.   I tell the kids, 'We may WANT Beacon, but someone NEEDS Beacon.  Even knowing Beacon is on his way to providing someone what we take for granted, we still went through at least a box of tissues each.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last night with Sweet Beacon

Well here it is - our last night with Sweet Beacon.  We tried to keep our routines as normal as possible except for the crazy photo shoot in my messy bedroom.

Sometimes Beacon did not cooperate as well as we would have liked - I think he knew this was his last night with us.  He is a very smart and sensitive boy.  May have had something to do with the number of people shedding tears.  In some pictures Beacon was just too silly....

In others, it was the human being too silly...

Sometimes all of us were having a tough time posing....

Others were hard to pick a favorite...

But above all, we know by Beacons wink we will all be ok!

Last day at work

Today was Beacons last day to go to work with Scotty before the big IFT day.  Many co-workers came to say good-bye to Sweet Beacon.  On the ride there, Beacon seemed to sense this was the last time.

Beacon 'down' on the front floorboard.  He is
resting his head on the seat (which we tried
not to allow him to do except for this day)
Beacon in the lunch room in a 'down' looking
off to the right.
A picture of Beacon at Scottys desk, Beacon is
almost in a 'down under' but is looking up at
the camera with a big smile. 

Beacon is half way under the desk, still smiling.

Beacon on the ride home.  He is resting his
head on the gear shift.  It was a tough day
at the office saying good bye to his friends!