Saturday, May 7, 2011

Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Before our puppy raiser meeting, we took 2 of the children and Honey to a performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The Schermerhorn was completed in September 2006 but the Nashville floods of May 2010 caused $40 million dollars of damage to the hall. Obviously the repairs were extensive and time consuming but when the hall was reopened on December 31st we (mostly I) were itching to go.
Waiting to head in to the symphony

Raising a SEGD puppy has it perks. When our usher saw Honey he asked a lot of questions about SEGD and puppy raising and we gladly answered his questions. He asked to wait for a moment and came back and INSISTED we take an upgrade to balcony seats. As much as we protested, persisted we take the balcony seats. His boss ok'd the switch. He won the battle and we took the upgrade. For the first time, I sat in the balcony at the symphony! I was glad the balcony box patron did not attend that performance.
The Balcony view at the Schermerhorn!

This was an awesome childrens' performance at the symphony. Just right for 2 kids and a puppy who never attended the symphony before. The theme was "We Are Going on a Safari" and jeans and casual clothes were the dress code for the day. We were thankful as we had a puppy meeting to attend directly after the performance. We managed to get in trouble though. Not Honey, she was perfect. We were taking photographs (before the performance started) and were told we could not photograph the symphony before or during the performance. We were really trying to photograph the kids and Honey but did not have the heart to share that fact with our wonderful usher. We towed the line, had a wonderful time, took this photograph after the show and headed out to our puppy meeting.

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