Friday, October 22, 2010

Billy was right

Billly's question of whether those were the puppies we were going to raise or not really began to bother me. The puppies on the web cam were a week too young to be headed to Nashville. As it turned out, Billy was right. Becky and Pat (who were at campus to bring Miles and R.J. In-For-Training) told us the puppy we are going to raise was sired by Sparky - not Gunner. The webcam has been updated since and we know for sure one of those puppies is headed our way. Pat informed us the litter is 7 females and 2 males. The entire litter is solid black with the exception of one of the male pups - he is easy to pick out on the webcam as he is black with tan legs. I hope Pat gets to raise him instead of raising her 5th solid black puppy.
So, while we can see the pups on the webcam there is no way to tell which puppy is going to be ours to raise. In less than 2 weeks she will be here! Now on to purchashing dog food...

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