Saturday, March 5, 2011

Franklin Firehouse #4 - Puppy Training

Today brought teaming rain and Puppy Training. I asked Becky (our area AC) if our puppy training meeting could meet at Franklin Fire Station #4. Captain Black, who is also a dog trainer, was gracious enough to allow us to expose the puppies to the firehouse. What an exposure!
We first met Captain Black and his search and rescue dog, Jewel - a sweet and beautiful 6 year old Golden. After everyone arrived, we practiced some obedience then off to the truck bay. Before any puppy training could take place, all the kiddoes had a chance to sit in the fire truck! Becky asked us to walk the puppies around the fire truck. Captain Black turned on the flashing lights and we walked around the truck again. Then came the sirens - I was prepared for puppy insanity but each of the dogs was able to stay calm and none barked or made any noise. Captain Black was kind enough to dress out in his full fire gear and walked and crawled around the puppies while we tried to keep the pups in a sit, down, stay.
I would love to say Honey was a model puppy but today the Moose/doggie distractions got the best of her. I was pleasantly pleased with how well she reacted (or more correctly, did not react) to all the noise, lights and fireman distractions. Maybe being raised in a home where there is frequent noise and chaos is good for Honey. All we need now is to expose her to some more dogs.
It was a great exposure and one we hope to repeat with Honey in the future.
If you are a Franklin local, I would highly recommend a visit to Franklin Fire Station #4 even if just for a minute to say hi to our wonderful firefighters and Jewel!