Thursday, August 4, 2011

Puppy Camp

Sorry for the delay in posting blogs. I have been writing some posts during this hectic summer but I have not found the time to publish them. With the kids starting back to school next week, I will finally have some free time to update Honey's blog with some of those posts... I hope!

Honey has been at puppy camp for almost 2 weeks now. We will finally get her back home with us at our puppy raiser meeting this weekend. Due to puppy camp we missed 2 Friday photo sessions, her 'you better be watching me at all times' attitude and just Honey in general. Puppy camp, for us, is a very small taste of what IFT will feel like. I do not like this feeling! In the meantime we have been puppy camping, Frenchie, a not so little 5 month old black female goldadore. She is one of Miss Fayes pups. What a world of difference between Honey and Frenchie.

The top 10 Differences between Frenchie and Honey
10 - Frenchie is VERY laid back. Honey, well, let's just say she is not so laid back
9 - Frenchie is very lean. Honey is, as my grandmother would say, rugged.
8 - Frenchie prances on our walks. Honey attempts to pull me along on walks.
7 - Frenchie tires easily. Honey is constantly in motion.
6 - Frenchie follows me around - everywhere. Honey follows my husband around.
5 - Frenchie wakes up way too early in the morning. Honey needs to recharge her batteries so she thankfully sleeps in.
4 - Frenchie is a goldadore and has a rounder head and much longer whip-like tail. Honey is a lab and has a much flatter head and shorter tail (and oddly. her tail does not whip or injure us!).
3 - Frenchie 'busys' without moving around. Honey 'busys' almost in motion.
2 - Frenchie does not jump or give kisses. Honey loves to jump and lick.and the #1 difference is...
1 - Frenchie does not steal socks!!!!!

Check back tomorrow for our Top 10 similarities...

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