Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Sponsor Letter

Happy first day of Spring!

Beacon has been a very busy puppy in training.  Unfortunately, photographs of him doing things are trapped in my cell phone!

This month brought another trip to the eye doctor for retesting where we received great news.  When tested with his eyes dilated (which I guess is the proper way to check a dogs eyes), Beacons vision is normal!  This does not explain why he is so hesitant to take stairs but it was great news that he is not going to be career changed from the program!

Beacon is doing so well in all of his training.  He has mastered all of his required commands and then some!  

Billy (age 11) has joined a photography club and guess who is favorite subject is? Beacon.  Many of the pictures are taken for a specific purpose (ie. capturing shadows, filling the frame, etc.) but he has taken some pretty decent pictures of Beacon.

As you may be able to tell from these photos Beacon enjoys sitting in the sun at the front door checking out the neighborhood happenings.

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