Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everything Takes So Long

Over the past several days we have taken Honey to:
  • The food court at the mall (she did great - slept under the table)

  • Wallmart (peed on the floor in the middle of the store)

  • High School (tried to jump on everyone)

  • Elementary School (was taught her name in Spanish during Spanish Club)

  • Orthodontist (loved Dr. Oakes)

  • The bus stop each morning (watches the kids play basketball and does not try to eat the ball)


  • Publix

  • and today she will be exposed to seven 4th graders during a DI meeting at our home

I thought travelling with children was a challenge but getting Honey ready for an exposure is much more time consuming and challenging. Hopefully in time we (humans and animals both) will become better with our exposures. Things that slow us down include:

  • Everyone loves a puppy so we have to stop frequently to answer questions or allow petting

  • 'Busy' time before and after each stop takes A LOT of time since Honey is just learning to relieve on command

  • Honey is just learning to accept her collar and being lead on leash. She is either trying to pull us somewhere or stopping to smell or eat something

Yesterdays mail brought a picture of Honey at 6 weeks standing in a harness. It is our hope that one day she will grow up to fit in harness to provide independence for a blind individual.

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