Friday, October 21, 2011


Honey has been gone for 48 hours now and is hopefully settling in at Southeastern. Having her in our lives for the past year has lead us to new routines and now that she is IFT some of our routines have been thrown out of whack.
  • Awww, it is weird not having Honey jump up on me when I come home from school (Michael)
  • I miss Honey sooooo much (Billy)
  • It is too quiet without Honey (Michael)
  • Do you want me to feed Honey? (Billy)
  • Is Honey coming with us to the football game? (ME!)
I am sure we are all noticing how different our lives are without Honey. Yesterday, without Honey by my side, I suddenly (and frequently) was sick to my stomach with that 'I lost my wallet' (or purse) feeling. Other people noticed Honey was missing too. I was proud of myself that I was able to explain, without crying, IFT to those who asked "Where's your dog?'. At home, things were not going much better. I left the camera bag on the bedroom floor and when I came back into the bedroom I told the camera bag it was a 'good girl' (yes the bag is black and was sitting in Honey's usual spot). Scotty noticed that socks are now delegated to the floor instead of my night stand. Our UPS delivery man was upset he arrived too late to say good bye to Honey. The mailman too. I did not realize the impact Honey's time in Tennessee had on others. Last night I prayed for continued strength and, as a new day begins, I look forward to answering the 'Where's your dog?" questions confidently and heading out dogless (my made up word of the day!), knowing we gave Honey our best.

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