Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IFT Forms - Major Sadness

We were filling out Honey's In For Training paper work and were happy to see most of the of the Final Evaluations form questions were easy to answer.
  • Housebroken - YES
  • Chewing in a controlled state - Yes
  • Familiar with find the door - Yes
  • Any feeding problems - No
Then came time to complete the Puppy Raiser Bio Form and the questions required much more thought and reflection to answer.
  • Fun and positive adventures with your pup
  • Positive traits
  • What puppy raising taught us
  • Wishes for whomever is matched with the puppy
Well, we could have written page after page but were provided only 3/4 of a page to respond. How small can I write and still think someone could read it? How could we possibly squeeze all we would want someone to know about Honey in 3/4 of a page?! How could we possibly narrow down all the positive adventures with Honey into that little space?! I think I am going to attach this picture of the always smiling Honey as my response. After all, isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

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