Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beacon at the farm

Now that Beacon has received all his inoculations, he is free to travel with us.  And that means being able to visit Scotty's parents farm complete with exposures to other dogs...
Beacon Sandwich
Beacon in the center being checked
out by Harley (left) and Lad (right)
Beacon nose to nose with Harley.
Harley is a lab/mix. 
Beacon nose to nose with Lad.
Lad is an older Collie.
Having been 'approved' for playing, the three dogs start playtime...
Beacon, Lad and Harley in a circle.
Until Lad pooped out...
Lad became bored with Beacon's puppy antics.
Beacon in background standing
 and ready to play.
Lad resting in the foreground. 
Luckily, Harley still wanted to play...
Beacon and Harley playing.
Both dogs are jumping in the air.
Beacon was somewhat confused by 'doggie play' so he decided to run in circles around the other playing dogs... 
Beacon is running around Lad and Harley.
Beacon's ears are up above his head.
Harley and Lad are playing. 
 Beacon taking in 'doggie play'...
Beacon watching Harley and Lad
rough house play.
As the sun rose higher, the snow melted and the donkeys decided to come out...
Beacon at the fence meeting a donkey.
Beacon deciding to get a closer look
at the donkeys.  Beacon is walking
under the gate to the barn lot.
Beacon causing us a heart attack
as he slips under the gate into
the barn lot with the donkeys.
Donkeys can kill a puppy with
one swift kick!
Beacon in a 'down' outside the barn lot.
Through the fence, a curious donkey is
watching Beacon.
Beacon appears to be grinning as
he eats his treat. 
Beacon's time on the farm had come to an end... until next time!
Beacon, looking at the camera,
 as he comes in from the fields.

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