Friday, January 13, 2012

Beacon the Snow Dog

No school today due to snow which for Beacon translated into 'snow exposure day' .  
Snow like this I could understand closing school... 
Labrador dog in snowfall up to the top of his legs
But this (personal rant - come on Tennesseans- this is not snow!)
Beacon in a 'down' in the snow.
  The grass is still visible.
Nevertheless, since school was cancelled, it became a great day to let Beacon experience snow.  Beacon sat in snow...
Beacon sitting in the snow
Stood in snow...
Beacon doing a 'stand' in the snow
 Played in the snow...
Beacon looking quite possessed
 as he hunkers down in the snow
Ran in the snow...
Beacon running in the snow.
 His hind legs are off the ground.
 Beacon smiled in the snow...
Beacon running in the snow with
 his mouth open.
 He looks like he is smiling.
Ran around some more...
Beacon running so quickly in the snow
that his ears are standing straight
 up off the top of his head.
 Got his nose covered in snow...
Beacon standing in the snow
with his nose covered in snow
Tasted the snow...
Beacon licking snow off his nose.
  And, yes, he posed for pictures in the snow...
Beacon sitting in the snow,
looking at the camera.
 He still has a little snow on his nose.
Beacon had a busy, fun-filled snow day!

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