Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excitement is building!

The puppy cam has been updated today on the Southeastern Guide Dogs webpage ( - click on Puppy Cam link on the bottom right). There are 9 puppies on the web cam and they were born on August 23rd. The puppies (5 black and 4 yellow) are Goldadors, a mix of Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. Southeastern Guide Dogs breeds Labs, Goldens, Goldadors and short-haired Collies for their guide dog program. So what's all the excitement? Well, we were told that we should expect to get a 9 week old puppy to raise around the end of October or beginning of November and the puppies on the puppy cam will be 9 weeks old around that time. Hopefully 4 of those little guys or gals will be coming to our Nashville group.

The Nashville group is currently raising 4 puppies - all black labs. R.J. is just a year old, Maywood and his litter mate, Miles, are 16 months old and little Diva is only 16 weeks. R.J., Maywood and Miles have all been called back to campus - IFT (In for Training) in technical speak - and will be leaving the week of October 14th to start their advanced training. That leaves 3 experienced puppy raisers, and us, needing new puppies to train. Becky, our Area Coordinator, explained that SEGD tries to keep litters together as it will be easier for us to train the puppies if they are all approximately the same age and learning the same commands. Hopefully this will work out and be a big help to us as we go on this journey.

Our AC should receive information possibly a month in advance with the puppy information - breed, sex and color (puppies are named as they leave SEGD) and to date, Becky has not received any information. Are those cute little Goldadors on the webcam coming to Tennessee? We sure hope so, but only time will tell.

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