Monday, September 13, 2010

Where is Puppy?

We are on the list and have been told that the Nashville group is scheduled to receive our puppies near the end of October or the begining of November! Currently there are 4 dogs in the Nashville group. Little Diva is only 16 weeks old and has a long wait until call back. Three of the dogs (R.J., Miles and Maywood) have been called back to campus for advanced training and will leave Nashville in early October. Each of the raisers has signed on again as repeat Puppy Raisers! So Nashville will get 4 puppies soon.

We do not know the breed, gender or color of the puppies yet. And, they all come pre-named! Sponsors pay $3,500 for permanent naming rights and the money supports the care of the puppy from 9 weeks and continues until the puppy returns to campus for formal harness training at 14 - 20 months.

My puppy wish list is as follows:

An easy to pronounce named dog - 2 kiddos in speech almost makes this a must!

A male dog - If a dog is being considered for the breeding program they are not spayed or neutered. I would not look forward to a female dog in heat.

A light colored (yellow) dog - While the black dogs are just as cute, we just replaced our bedroom carpet a few months ago with white carpet so I am secretly hoping for a light colored dog.

We are told as first time Puppy-raisers, we will not get a short haired collie to raise. So that leaves us with a Laborador Retriever, a Golden Retriever or a Goldador (mix of Lab and Golden) as possibilities.

Only time will tell, but knowing my luck we will be raising a black female Lab named Gooblygook. And if that is what happens, we will love her and raise her to the best of our abilities. What is meant to be will be!

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