Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Official!

We just got a call from Becky that the puppy we will be raising will be released from the kennel at Southeastern Guide Dogs on November 2nd!! Our Nashville group will be receiving 3 puppies - 2 females and 1 male - all black labs. We will be raising one of the females. My heart goes out to Pat who will be raising her 5th black dog (I was secretly wishing there would be at least one yellow pup for her) but we are all thrilled and cannot wait for them to show up on the puppy cam and then head to Nashville.

We need to make arrangements to get the three pups here from Florida. I would really like to fly down and just pick them up but I do not think any airline would allow me to transport 3 puppies by myself. Picking them up on the weekend would work out better except for the fact that Scotty and Billy will be camping out with the Boy Scouts that weekend. It is time to work on a plan. That may turn out to be easier than getting our home ready for a puppy!

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