Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foundation Fighting Blindness Puppy Training Meeting

Today we attended the kick off for the Foundation Fighting Blindness walkathon luncheon. It was also Puppy Training day. I learned a lot! I primarily learned that most folks go out to eat A LOT! All the other puppies had multiple restaurant 'under down' exposures each week. I felt bad for Honey as we do not eat out (and I blame Dave Ramsey for that [Dave Ramsey is our 'Get Out of Debt' Guru]).
Each time Honey and her brother, Moose, are together craziness ensues. I am not certain if it is due to the fact they are siblings, if Honey is not being raised with other dogs, if it is because they are just shy of 6 months old so this is typical puppy behaviors or if we are doing a poor job as puppy raisers. But today was better as Honey, after much cajoling, finally stopped trying to play with Moose and did pretty well with 'under down' throughout much of the luncheon. The pictures afterwards tell a different story but for her first exposure to 'under down' since she went to the mall with us several months ago, Honey did a great job!

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