Saturday, February 5, 2011

String Stealer

I love Honey (the dog, not the condiment) but sometimes I really want to kill her. Take today for example....

I woke up, brought Honey out to busy, fed her breakfast then headed to the bathroom where Honey (usually) patiently waits while I shower. Today Honey decided to mix things up a little. Unstead of patiently hanging out in the bathroom while I shower, Honey decided it would be fun to try to grab the 'new toy' I was wearing. The problem was that the 'new toy' was the string to my pajama pants. In a single bound, Honey jumped up grabbed the string and started to pull. She pulled hard enough to turn the little string into a long string. The other end was about half way around my waistband. I always love the puppy, but some days it is tough to love puppy antics!

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