Thursday, February 17, 2011

Honey - Destined to be a 'sniffer'

I love Honey, I really do  BUT sometimes I wonder if she is really cut out for this 'Guide Dog' stuff.  Loyal to her partner - yes.  Drive and determination - yes.  Sweet and trainable - yes.  BUT Honey has never met a stranger.  She wants to greet everyone with a slobbery lick.  Although she is smart - very smart - she does not quite yet understand not to lick everyone.  Since there is no career change to 'professional licker' I think Honey wants to be a 'sniffer'.  Maybe an arson dog?  Maybe Bomb sniffing dog?  Maybe Customs or Police cadaver dog but almost certainly not guide work.  Honey can stay perfectly still for hours - the only time she is still - while sniffing the air.  She is curious about everything and her activity level is very high - not the greatest traits for guide work but I believe highly sought after for 'sniffer' dogs.  We keep working with Honey, hopeful she will settle down, but my money is on Honey helping people through leading investigators rather than the blind.  We will be proud of Honey no matter what career she chooses!

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