Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with Beacon

Merry Christmas!  As this was Beacon's first Christmas, we did not know what to expect when it came to the noise and mess of opening presents.  As he is with most new (and old) exposures, Beacon was a trooper!    
Beacon in the middle of
the traditional before
you open your gifts
Christmas morning shot
 Beacon enjoyed the wrapping paper...
Beacon on the floor trying
to eat wrapping paper
Luckily, he was easily redirected to his allowed to chew present 
Beacon on the floor playing
with an unstuffed toy.
 As the present opening ramped up to full swing, Beacon continued to chew his new toy
Beacon in the middle of the picture
playing with his toy
Soon thereafter, Beacon decided to see if there were anymore presents with his name on them 
Beacon wading through a mound of torn
wrapping paper
 Sadly, there were none.
Beacon sitting in the middle
of wrapping paper and gifts
looking sad with a cocked head
We all enjoyed having Beacon's little puppy nose in each of our presents, in most of our photos but most of all, we enjoy the blessing of being able to raise this little guy!  
Merry Christmas!

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