Thursday, December 22, 2011

Honey Update #3 - The dreaded CC

We received news that Honey has been career changed (CC'd).  The official reason was 'stranger directed aggression' which I found quite odd since Honey never met a 'stranger'.   I found out that Honey was being too overprotective of her trainer and, as such, has been released from Guide Dog training.  While the reason for the career change was very surprising, the fact that she was career changed, was not.  Southeastern Guide Dogs competed an evaluation to see if Honey would be suited for another career, and if so, which career would she be best suited for.  It appears that Honey would like a career in Public Assistance.  Honey will be evaluated by several police departments to see if she could possibly fit their needs as a potential bomb sniffer, arson dog, search and rescue dog, etc. 
Honey is such an active dog, that I believe Public Assistance work is what she is best suited for and the career that would make her happiest. 
A big thank you to my fellow puppy raisers for your support!    

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