Saturday, December 3, 2011

Puppy Meeting

Today was puppy meeting day!  We met at an outdoor shopping mall.  Since this was Beacon's second meeting not much was expected of him.  
We covered:
"Sit": Check
Beacon, in jacket, sitting
on the grass
while I hold his leash.
Distractions - trying to keep Beacon in a sit while being distracted: Check (as in having someone take your picture every time you move) 
Beacon, in jacket, sitting on the grass
looking into the camera.
Standing an arms length away from other dogs:  Ummm, not so much
Beacon jumping out of a stand position
to greet Frenchie.
"Down": Check
Beacon on the left in a down
Frenchie and Clifford are to his left.

"Come": Check
Beacon responding appropriately
as I tell him to 'come'.  Beacon
is getting up from a down position.
 "Stay": Check
Beacon staying in a 'sit; position
while I give him the stay command.
Doggie distractions: Somewhat check
Beacon practicing doggie
distractions by walking
a figure 8 around other
Being a good boy:  Check
Beacon, in jacket, sitting on
the grass, and not eating it!
Accept some love:  Check - this was not an official Southeastern Guide Dogs command but Beacon is such a good boy it is hard not to love on him all the time - especially when he was doing so well at the puppy meeting
Me giving Beacon a kiss on the head.
Beacon is looking upward at me.

Exposure to statues:  Check
Beacon sitting, in jacket,
in front of a statue of
children playing.
 Find the door, Sitting at a door:  No and check
Beacon sitting at a door.
 Other Dog exposures: Check
Beacon looking at himself
in a mirror in a shoe store.
Straight: Not really - Beacon is too young to know the command 'straight' but it was good practice to follow and be followed by other dogs.
Puppy raisers walking across a
cross walk practicing the
'straight' command.
Frenchie, a black female
 goldadore, is in the lead,
followed by Beacon
 and Clifford, a black male

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