Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Sponsor Letter

Good Morning Sue!

We have been crazy busy here and so the blog has not been updated this month.  I have written the blog entries but have not posted them yet as I have not had the time to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer.  I have uploaded some of the better pictures of Beacon for you to share with your members.

Beacon has almost tripled in size since we picked him up!  He has mastered going down the stairs and (thankfully) sleeping through the night.  He has yet to lose any teeth but we are on the lookout each day.  The first few months with a new puppy are always a little unusual since Beacon is unable to come with us to many places.  Until he is fully inoculated, he cannot come with us to the farm, to outdoor events or places where other dogs may have been.  Beacon is due for his final shots next week, and then will be medically cleared to travel with us... everywhere!

This month, Beacon met Billy's church youth group, attended Brick Builders- Lego Club, went to a puppy meeting at the mall and another meeting at an outdoor mall, met Dave Ramsey (a radio financial talk show host) and was photographed for an article for our local newspaper (http://www.tennessean.com/article/20111212/WILLIAMSON10/312140021/Mall-s-holiday-frenzy-tests-pups-potential-guide-dogs)

With a full house expected for Christmas, Beacon will be exposed to many different people and to many new sights and sounds.  We are enjoying his overall laid back nature - laid back until it comes to mealtime.  He is still eating without chewing first! Beacon is very willing to learn new commands and is doing very well in training. Daily, he is walking with us to the school bus stop and his stamina has improved so much that now he can now walk the entire way to the bus stop and back.  He walks so elegantly, it is as if he is almost prancing!  While Beacon believes he is a lap dog he is (unfortunately) quickly outgrowing our laps. He loves a variety of toys and being my shadow in the kitchen.

Again, we thank you for your sponsorship of this great not-so-little puppy!

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