Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beacon & Brick Builders

One Thursday a month, Billy attends Brick Builder Club after school.  In this club the kids build thematic structures using LEGOS.  This Thursday was Beacon's first time attending Brick Builders. I was a little worried about bringing such a young puppy to classroom full of kids (mostly boys), the high noise level and the occasional dropped LEGO pieces.   I introduced Beacon to the group, explained what it means that he is a puppy-in-training and the rules surrounding greetings.  Beacon received lots of hugs and pats from the group before they started.  And the amazing thing was, the kids focused on building - and not on Beacon.  The kids understood and followed the rules better than the adults. Beacon was instrumental in trying to eat finding all the dropped LEGO pieces.  He was such a good boy!  The kids and I look forward to next months meeting!

A blurry picture of the Green Team
Brick Builders club.
Beacon, center right, is sniffing
a LEGO brick being held by
one of the participants.

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