Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beacon is in the house!

Yesterday must have been a tough day for Beacon - leaving the Southeastern Guide Dogs kennel, leaving his litter mates, traveling 9 hours by car from Florida to Georgia and then another 5 hours from Georgia to Tennessee, to his new temporary home - our home!

We arrived home late last night (really quite early this morning) and Beacon decided he rested enough on his long car trip and wanted to play. Who could say no to this cute little face!

After much time we put Beacon in his crate and headed to bed. Ready to go at 5:30 this morning, Beacon was the first one up and we introduced him to his new morning routine (more on that in a later post). I let Billy sleep in since we arrived home so late last night, which meant Beacon was back in the car this morning to bring Billy to school. Beacon also visited our local Publix to finally end all the 'where is your new puppy?' questions. I also was able to speak with Beacon's sponsor (more on that in another post as well) and we are so excited to be able to communicate with a sponsor this time.

But enough time reading my words and on to what you all want - photos! Some of Beacon's first at home pictures...
Beacon posing for the camera
Beacon looking at his new toy
Beacon standing on his new toy
Beacon looking away wondering
what is down that long hall
Beacon sprawled out in the kitchen.
While he may look big in the picture,
 he really is quite little.
Beacon checking out what we are doing
Beacon finally showing some interest in his new toy
Beacon hanging out in the bathroom after his first bath
Beacon all cleaned up and ready
 for his photo op
Beacon sitting, looking into the shower
Beacon sitting with Billy at school
Beacon in his jacket!
Beacon getting the lay of the land
Beacon running through the fall leaves
A (blurry) close up of Beacon's so cute face


  1. Beacon is so cute and little (but not for long) did you see those feet?

  2. He has a massive chest! And what a sweet face.