Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Word From Our Sponsor

Since we did not have contact with Honey's sponsor we resorted to guessing why the name Honey was chosen for a future guide dog puppy. We came up so many different reasons, that one of them has to be the correct guess. I admit, while it was fun to make up elaborate stories with the kids about a family that pours honey on their food at every meal, a bee keeper living off the land, or the term of endearment for a love one, I wish I knew the real story behind her name. When we found out our second pup was named Beacon, we immediately started thinking up new and creative stories for him - from a 'Beacon of light' named by a lonely lighthouse worker to a mad scientist who wanted to name the pup Beaker but did not want him confused with the Muppet character of the same name so he chose Beacon instead.

Beaker from the Muppets - not so cute!

Beacon the puppy - way too cute!

We were thrilled when we read Beacon's sponsor letter! Beacon is being sponsored by NAIFA - North Suncoast and Enterprise Holdings Foundation. NAIFA - North Suncoast is a Florida group (from Clearwater to Inverness) of insurance and financial professionals. Each year NAIFA holds an annual golf tournament at Beacon Woods Golf Club to raise money to sponsor a puppy. Beacon was named after the Beacon Woods Golf Course as well as the symbolism of the 'Beacon of light' we guessed. I called the contact listed and spoke with Sue. She was thrilled to know Beacon was born and starting his journey to become a guide dog. And it seems like he has some pretty big pawprints to follow. NAIFA - North Suncoast has been sponsoring dogs at Southeastern Guide Dogs for years! Sue told me the previous dogs were named after golf terms (Eagle, Birdie, etc.) and of the 14 or 15 dogs they have sponsored, 1 is a breeder, 1 was career changed due to medical issues and now serves as a search and rescue dog and ALL the others have been matched as successful guide dogs (translation - the pressure is really on us!). NAIFA - North Suncoast is so committed to Southeastern that one of their members is now a puppy raiser!

I immediately sent off some pictures and a little background information on Beacon. The 65 member group meets monthly and is looking forward to updates on Beacon's raising, training and progress. I warned Sue that we are not professional writers, bloggers or photographers, but we will try our best to provide NAIFA - North Suncoast with updates and pictures.

Southeastern Guide Dogs states that it takes a village to raise a guide dog, and we are glad to be joining NAIFA - North Suncoast as a part of Beacon's village.

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  1. No pressure. So far he's been a great puppy aspiring to do great things including keeping us up at night. :)