Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Sponsor Update

Beacon is adjusting very well to our home and his new routines in Franklin Tennessee.  Aside from his overall cuteness, he is an easy and laidback puppy, anxious to learn and eager to please.  Since he is still so young our training focus right now is teaching Beacon to respond to his name (responds correctly 90% of the time), no (responds correctly 85% of the time), to come when called using the ‘come’ command (mastered), to sit (responds correctly 95% of the time), down (responds correctly 40% of the time) and stay (responds correctly 10% of the time).  He has mastered walking up steps, but for now we still carry him down the steps (this is common for young puppies).  At 18.4 pounds, I hope he gains the necessary confidence to travel down steps soon! 
A really cute thing we noticed Beacon does is to wag his tail like a plane propeller – around and around – rather than usual puppy wag of back and forth.  He is one special puppy and we are glad to be partnering with you to help Beacon become a guide dog for his future lifetime partner!

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