Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beacon Goes Shopping for Senior Bingo and Meets ReVive 5

Billy's youth group was responsible for bringing prizes for the Senior Center Bingo night.  That meant shopping for little Bingo prizes with Beacon.  Thanks to my photographer, Billy, for capturing these photos as we tried to shop with Beacon. 

Beacon and I (from behind)
as we navigate the aisles
looking for prizes.
I am pushing a shopping cart
with Beacon on leash
to my left.

I found some stocking stuffers for the kids but were still on the hunt for the perfect Senior Bingo prizes...
Beacon looking at the camera
as we walk past Billy.
I am pushing a shopping
I remembered how challenging it was to shop with a young pup...
Beacon and I walking down the
main aisle.  I am pushing a
shopping cart and Beacon
is trying to walk on
leash to my left.
Beacon is walking a
little sideways in the picture.
I finally decided that if I were ever going to get out of the store, I would need to place the tired pup in the cart... 
Beacon sitting in the shopping cart
looking into the camera.
With the pooped out pup in the cart, we accomplished our mission and headed to meet Billy's youth group, ReVive 5 (fifth grade youth group)...

Beacon, center in the picture,
meets 3 girls from
ReVive 5 youth group.
One girl is petting Beacon.

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