Monday, November 21, 2011

Beacon, Bureaucracy and the DMV

Michael had to get his permit renewed and that meant a trip to the Division of Motor Vehicles.  Being the brilliant people we are, we arrived early so as not to have to wait in line for too long.  That was the plan, at least.  We arrived 15 minutes prior to opening to find out that we were the 15th brilliant person in line!  At least we were outside and if Beacon had an accident it would be ok. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in line wanted to pet Beacon!  I guess it was a nice break from just standing in line waiting for the doors to open.  It turned out to be a great opportunity for Michael to practice speaking with the public (Michael has some special needs), educating people about Southeastern Guide Dogs and the rules of greeting a guide dog.  Our wait went by quickly and when the doors opened, we were greeted by every, and again I mean every, worker in the DMV.  Although a little timid, Beacon was such a good sport by sitting and letting everyone pet him.  Luckily for us, Michael just had to go to the computer kiosk to renew his permit, and within 20 minutes we were saying good bye to the DMV.  I am glad I brought my camera but was so busy with all the greetings that I was not able to snap even one picture so this 'created' picture will have to suffice..

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