Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sleeping 101

Sometimes I wish I were a puppy.  The ability to just plop down and nap, anytime and anywhere, sounds so appealing.  But if you are a Southeastern Guide Dog puppy-in-training, settling into your new home, I suggest you find some more comfortable places to nap...

Beacon napping at the base
 of my desk chair. 

Beacon napping on the hard
 plastic mat at my desk,
 rather than the nice
soft carpet a foot away.

Beacon napping sandwiched
between boxes
and Scotty's desk

Beacon napping at the base of
Scotty's desk.  At least this
time his head is on the carpet.

Beacon resting under the kitchen table.
I would love to say he is practicing
his 'under, down' but he is
still too young.

Beacon sleeping under the kitchen table.

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