Monday, November 14, 2011

Beacon, Deacon, Vegan?

We love the name Beacon for the new puppy we are raising for Southeastern Guide Dogs!  We had challenges with the name of our last dog, Honey, because she frequently thought we were referring to her when we were really just talking to each other.  Honey would quizzically look at me when ever I said 'Honey, would you take out the garbage for me, please?' or 'Honey, don't forget to take your medicine.' or 'Thanks Honey!'.  

So Beacon was going to be a great change.  Or so I thought.  It appears that Beacon can be misunderstood depending on our location.

Saturday at Whole Foods, Beacon was misconstrued as 'Vegan' several times!

Sunday at church, Beacon was misconstrued as 'Deacon' several times!
Beacon at church patiently waiting for services to begin
 Today at the vet, poor little Beacon became 'Beacon, the meek one'.

Beacon relaxing at the vet's office
And that name was quite fitting.  Amongst the other dogs, including a 10 year old yellow lab who stepped on a nail, a 7 month old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix coming for a weight check (103 whopping pounds!), a jumpy Jack Russell terrier, a shaking Pomeranian, and a nonstop barking Lab/Mastiff mix, Beacon just sat on my lap taking it all in.
Since we had to wait a few minutes, I worked with Beacon on the 'sit' command

We also worked on the 'down' command

I like to think Beacon is not so meek as much as he is just a very sweet puppy - and growing quickly.  At ten weeks, Beacon is already 18.4 pounds! 
By whatever name he is called - he sure is cute!

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  1. Beacon is doing the Honey-head-turn in that last photo! Tooooo adorable!!