Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beacon is on his way

Today we will finally meet Beacon. Connie from the Atlanta group headed down to Southeastern Guide Dogs yesterday to pick up her pup, Zocko, Jackson (a Hope/Bentley pup to be raised in Atlanta), and graciously agreed to transport Beacon (Ellen/Gunnar litter) to Atlanta for us. It is crazy enough to drive 9 hours one way to pick up your own pup, but come on, 9 hours with 3 puppies? Hopefully Connie's notion that the 3 pups will keep each other company (and hopefully quiet) works for out her. I cannot thank Connie enough for her willingness to bring Beacon up and for sending the following pictures...

Beacon in the foreground, Jackson in the background
Beacon peering out of his crate on his way to Nashville via Atlanta

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