Monday, November 28, 2011

Opryland Hotel Exposure

We took Beacon to the Opryland Hotel.  We took Honey there for a puppy raiser meeting before and remembered how beautifully it was decorated for Christmas.  We wanted to make sure we captured some Beacon shots before he grew much bigger.  
It all started well...

Beacon sitting against the
fridge, waiting as we
pack up his bag.
Beacon is looking off to
the right and you can
see his reflection in
the fridge.
 After a short car ride, we were ready to invade visit the Opryland Hotel.  
Beacon sitting outside the hotel
as I put his jacket on him.

Beacon was a little fearful to enter the not-so-well-lit atrium of the hotel.  We tried to get his picture in front of the poinsettias, but this was the best we could do!

Beacon yawing while sitting
in front of a row of poinsettias.
An important exposure for the puppies is characters in costumes.  Shrek?  Who cares?
Beacon in the background, sleeping,
as characters from Shrek perform.
Beacon also was exposed to bright lights...
Scotty holding Beacon, while
we stand in front of a huge
lighted Christmas tree.
A two-story open walkway...
Beacon walking along
an open rail walkway.
Beacon is on the second floor and
the railing is open to the
first floor below.
 A water fountain (dogs can sometimes be frightened of fountains)
Beacon against the
wrought iron fence
separating him from
the waterfall.

Me praising Beacon for not being fearful
of the water fountain.
 Some more posing in front of poinsettias...
Beacon sitting on a walkway, looking left, in
front of a row of poinsettias.
He is wearing his puppy in training
 And more waterfalls...
Beacon sitting on a second floor
open balcony in front
of a huge indoor waterfall.
 and then we headed home
Beacon on the front
passenger floorboard,
fast asleep.

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