Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Concerts, Snowballs and Honey

Today was Billy’s big day. After months of early Friday morning practices, the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Elementary School Christmas Choir Concert was this evening and Honey was going to be there to see Billy in all his singing glory. Luckily the concert was held in the cafeteria since as soon as we put Honey’s bag on the table and took our seats Honey decided to empty her bowels (Yes, of course, she already busied outside before going in). Always trying to look on the bright side, it did keep a lot of the younger kids from rushing to pet Honey. The concert was very brief, the kids were adorable and the singing was actually quite good. What Billy did not tell me in advance was at the end of the '7 Feet of Snow' song, the entire choir was going to throw Styrofoam ‘snowballs’ at the audience. There were so many balls Honey did not know what to do. All the little kids around us jumped up and removed the balls before Honey could figure out in which direction to run to get one. I would post some pictures but they are all still stuck in my camera and probably quite blurry. I found it difficult to be an attentive puppy raiser, decent photographer and proud mom all at one time. Normally Scotty would have helped with either Honey or the photography but, as things turn out a little too frequently around here, tonight we also had one child playing in the Middle School Band concert. Divide and conquer – and I won Honey this time!

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