Friday, December 3, 2010

Show Me The Honey….I mean Money

I took Honey to the vet this morning as she needed to get her first puppy flu shot. Since the vet is conveniently located next to TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, Honey and I made a quick run through the stores but bought nothing. I planned on stopping by Financial Peace Plaza this afternoon to pick up the new Jon Acuff book (Jon is a funny Christian author ( for some excerpts of his newest book) and blogger ( Since some of my friends have asked why I did not get a picture of Dave and Honey when I was there several weeks ago, I was on a two fold mission. Get an autographed copy of Jon’s new book and get a photo of Dave and Honey. Dave was hosting a Jon Acuff book signing and a cash prize raffle. Scotty and I both entered the raffle - Scotty won!!!!

In the delirium that followed the big win, Scotty, the entire time holding our camera, posed for pictures taken by a sweet member of Dave’s team, filled out some tax forms, and then posed for another picture with Dave. Since Honey had been inside for a while, Scotty took her out to busy. Well, where ever Honey goes, so does her travel bag (which incidentally also doubles as my huge guide dog blue purse nowadays). You see the problem here, right? Scotty, outside with his cash winnings in his pocket, holding Honeys bag containing my wallet and me with nothing but a ‘Hey Jon, I don’t have any money to buy your book right now’ look on my face. If I were not running late for an appointment in Nashville I would have found Scotty, secured my wallet, bought Jon’s book, had it signed and been able to say mission accomplished for the day. Luckily, Jon was very generous and said as long as I brought Honey back with me for a visit he would sign a book for me.

This was a great exposure outing for Honey. The slick tile floor had Honey sliding all over the place and as she tried to sit her front paws kept fading away so she ended up scooting backwards across the floor – the whole time in a sit. Honey tried to eat Dave’s Christmas tree, looked lovingly at Martha’s sweet treats (but did not get any), somewhat stayed in a sit while kids clamored to pet her and did not make any noise.

Today was definitely a win for Honey and a win for Scotty!

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  1. Honey is such a lucky dog getting to meet Dave! haha Congrats on winning as well!