Monday, December 13, 2010

You Can Tell From the Start

No school for the kids due to snow gave Honey lots of opportunity to play today. Honey is still having difficulty learning not to jump up on people (we call it being overly friendly!). We figured out why today.

The SEGD website posts a picture of each of the litters (taken sometime while they are at SEGD but the pictures are not posted until after the pups leave for their puppy raisers home - and now I know why!). Look closely at the following pictures from the SEGD website...

Picture # 1 - A litter of 8 puppies - See how nicely they are in the basket, looking at the camera?
Picture # 2 - A litter of 12 puppies squished in the basket but still looking at the camera
Picture # 3 -Another litter of 8 puppies looking at the camera

Picture # 4 - A litter of 9 born on the same day as Honey - Most looking at the camera and those that are not, at least they are giving a great profile.

Then comes this..... The Heather and Bob litter - Honeys litter. How many pictures do you think they attempted before giving up and deciding this was the best they could get?
Notice two of the dogs are actually doing the right thing - hanging out in the basket looking at the camera... I know neither of them can be Honey. Then there is the one in front trying to escape and the one to the right also trying to make a break for it. The rest of the pups are not facing the camera and if you look to the left of the basket - one of the pups has made it out of the basket and is running away. If that pup were black I would swear it was Honey!


  1. Those pics are so cute! And your commentary, hilarious!

  2. I love it, Karen. Great pic, and you are doing a fantastic job on the blog. Big Al sends love and hugs out to your Honey.

  3. hahahahaha I want to know how they were able to get all those puppies to do that!