Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Honey Gets The Boot

EDITED VERSION OF ORIGINAL POST - Due to legal reasons, below please find my edited post...
I would not have failed in my Blog 365 project had I not been so angry and unable to write before I headed out to attend my husbands Christmas party. My son was getting his braces off FINALLY (yay Michael – his teeth look great!) so naturally we took Honey with us. The orthodontist is in a pediatric and adult dentistry group. Honey has been to the office numerous times.Dr. Oakes, Michael and Honey in the dental office on a previous visit

This visit though no one was smiling - not even Michael with his perfectly straight teeth…. Honey (and I) got the boot!
The dental office has a large main waiting area, complete with video games, and a smaller “Adult Only” waiting area. Honey and I went to the adult only waiting area and were there for approximately 35 minutes without a problem. Honey had been to the vet for her last shots earlier in the morning and was dead to the world on the floor next to me – well, I was sitting on the couch and Honey was on the floor. I was the only human in the adult waiting room and I see Dr. S, the business owner, talking to his staff and pointing at me and Honey. He did not look happy. He came storming into the room and in his evil and mean bellowing voice demands (using profane language) Honey get out of his medical office. Dr. S would not listen to anything I said or consider looking at a copy of the law I was trying to hand him. He treated me like a criminal and was rude and unprofessional.

The civil liberties denying Dr. S - photo courtsey of his website.
I was emotionally spent and could not blog while I was still fuming from the unwarranted treatment from Dr. Snod, and then I had to put on a happy face to attend Scotty’s Christmas party. It was just what I needed! It was a fun filled great evening. It was worth the Blog 365 Project fail to get my mind off the ugliness of the afternoon. My sympathy goes out to all those individuals who use service animals and encounter, in my opinion, ignorant mean people.


  1. I am horified to read of your experience, Karen, and have never really heard of anyone being treated so inhumanely as you were at the hands of this questionalble human being. Your poise under fire and ability to represent SEGD in such a distressful situation is one that I admire profoundly and can only hope, as a fellow puppy raiser, I would be able to imitate under the same circumstances - honestly, I'm not so sure I could. SEGD is lucky to have you as a puppy raiser and may you know much support from your community as it is well deserved. A hug to sweet Honey - and hang in there!!

  2. oh my! I would have been much more forceful and called the police on the spot. And I would have made sure everyone I know knows about this and would report him the dentist association or anyone who regulates them!

  3. Karen,
    Kudos to you for keeping your cool. I would not have handled the situation as graciously as you did. I am so glad to hear that the police are involved. I think all to often we as puppy raisers tend to sweep it under the rug when an access law is violated, but this horrible treatment you received is way beyond civil behavior. Thank you for sharing this experience with us so that we may follow your example if a situation like this ever happens to us. All the best to you, your family and sweet little honey! Tina Newberry Lithia,FL

  4. Wow, I admire how you kept your cool.

    I think I would contact the news. You know how they would jump on a story like that! Plus, SEGDI would get their debut!

    We have encountered a few issues that led to showing our ID card, but never to the extent of being thrown out! (well, almost)

    Kudos to you!
    Meagan Tampa, Florida

  5. We were not permitted to enter a Holiday Inn because we had a guide dog puppy, but nothing this bad. I left a comment on Dr Snod's website, but I but they they never publish it!
    Keep us informed as much as possible.