Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Target or Walmart??

Christmas shopping with Honey means I make many brief trips to the stores. Today, Honey and I set a record for the longest time in a store and the least accomplished. It was a series of mistakes as follows:
Mistake #1 - For the first time ever, Honey would not stay in a ‘sit, down’ in the car. I had to pull over to correct that one. Arrived at Target so Honey could eat mulch instead of ‘busy’ but I figured maybe she did not have to go since she just went 20 minutes before. Being ever so diligent, I tried to have her busy on the sidewalk to no avail.
We proceed into Target on a mission to pick up two things – wrapping paper and an electric skillet. Well, someone at Target HQ should have thought better than to put little Target wreath-looking bulls-eye logo stickers every 10 inches on the floor. I assume this was done to direct me to the holiday display in the way back of the store. What it really did was drive Honey (and thereby me) crazy! She had to jump attack every one of those stickers. I had to put her in a sit each time. It took 15 minutes to get past the entrance.
Mistake #2 - Not leaving at this point.
Mistake #3 – I decided to cut through the carpeted clothing area for two reasons; 1 – no stickers and 2 – Honey was slipping all over the tile. Hanging clothing and clothing tags helps Honey to stop scavenging and keep her head up but also places the clothing and clothing tags at Honeys mouth level and this is not good. Another 15 minutes to get through clothing section (and I did not even stop to look at anything).
Mistake #4 - I foolishly decide that I can continue through the store with Honey, after all I am here to pick up only two items.
I snag a cart and realize I made Mistake #5. Honey usually walks very well with a cart but today she wanted to lick the wheels as there was some gooey gunk stuck to it. Needless to say I ditch the goo laden cart. I found myself juggling an armful of wrapping paper rolls and a dog trying to eat squished M&M’s off the floor. Clearly this is not working the way I planned so I put the wrapping paper back and head for the exit.
Mistake #6 – Honey decides she has to ‘busy’ right there, right then – in the middle of Target. A ‘Clean up on Aisle 7’ announcement would have been nice, even nicer would have been if someone else actually came to clean, but it was up to me, and I did it.
After an hour and 20 minutes we were back home with no wrapping paper and no electric skillet.
Honey has been the perfect angel since. Maybe we will stick to shopping at Walmart!


  1. This post is hilarious. Of course it was NOT FUNNY at he time she was doing all of this. This post has Wayne written ALL over it! I have been through this many times and I know what you were feeling. Of course it will be all better when you get home because the wild streak has come and gone.

    Wayne's mom

  2. I forgot to tell you that Wayne eats mulch too! Every single time we go outside to busy anywhere, he will find mulch and try to eat it. What is with these littermates? It is amazing how much they are alike. I laughed until I cried with this post thinking back on past experiences with puppies in stores.

    Wayne's mom

  3. I laughed aloud reading this. Maybe I should have Honey come over to my house and she can just clean up after Tibi as he makes mulch from his sticks! They sound like they'd have a great symbiotic relationship