Friday, December 10, 2010

I made a Boo-Boo, Literally

Christmas brings so much embroidery work, so many vinyl orders and a lot of design work. I have been working hard and just wanted to go to bed early so I could get up and start fresh the next morning. Scotty was working on designs and watching the Titans get beaten (again!) so I kind of felt guilty trying to crawl into bed at 9:00. My mind needed a break from work, so I decided to tire out Honey. We played for a while and then the brilliant idea to get a head start on Fridays tasks popped into my head. Friday is grooming day for Honey (she has to look great for her Friday Photo!). I decided I should clip her nails. Well, instead of clipping them uneventfully as in times previous, this time I made a boo-boo, literally. I cut the quick! Honey did not even whimper as blood flowed from her cut way too short nail. We did not have a styptic pencil so I tried the homemade cornstarch ‘stop the hemorrhaging’ method. Trying to dip a playful puppy’s bleeding paw in a vat of cornstarch is nearly impossible! By the time the bleeding stopped poor Honey was black and white fur ball. Good thing she loves to get bathed.

Lessons learned:
1. Always have a styptic pencil handy when cutting Honey’s nails
2. Never cut Honey’s nails in my bedroom, on white carpet or when I am tired
3. Always assume weird things like cornstarch will be added to ‘Honey’s List of Inappropriate Things to Eat’ list
4. Accept now how much Honey has become a part of our family and how sending her In-For-Training will be much more difficult than I previously imagined.

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  1. ooo i have learned you can also use soap. Use a bar of soap and just push the nail into it... I have cut the quick on poor princess before. She has all black nails so makes it tough!