Thursday, December 16, 2010

From High School to Homeless Helper

What could be more fun than picking up your teenager early from school? Answer: Picking him up while training the cutest puppy! Today was exam day for my High School son. He was not required to stay in school after his morning exam since his afternoon exam was study hall. I set out to get some of the million things I had to get done today before I needed to pick Michael up at 11:30. I was so engrossed with trying to make Billy’s teachers gift, that before I knew it Michael was calling to be picked up.
Gift for Billy's Teacher - well, it is really for her dog, Koda

Of course, I made one for Honey too only hers is made from a plastic jar I found in our recycling bin. A glass treat jar would not last long in our home! Now, if I only had Rebecca's dog treat recipe!

Going into a High School with Honey is the equivalent of standing outside while it rains $100 bills – no one could contain themselves. Everyone had to come see Honey, pet her, comment about their dog at home, take a picture with her, call a friend over to take a picture with her, say ‘how cute’, ask her name, ask questions about raising Honey and otherwise admire the adorable puppy. Tonight Honey was going to help Billy’s Boy Scout Troop restock the pantry shelves at Graceworks Ministries (a mission to help the needy in our county). Billy’s Pack raised over 200 pounds of food! The meeting time was changed and it made it impossible for Honey to help out. We are hopeful Honey will not be a stranger to the good folks at Graceworks for much longer!

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  1. wow! They have panty shelves there? Always need some clean underwear! HEHE