Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dog treat as a toy?

We had a pretty great day with Honey today. She had her bath this morning, went out to busy each time today and did well with training this morning and this evening. As a reward she had her first dog treat today. Had I known how funny her reaction was going to be, I would have been prepared with the video camera. She picked it up, played with it, jumped around it, flipped it over, threw it around and did everything else you could imagine but eat it. I do not understand. She will swallow rocks, sticks and berries whole. But she played with her dog treat for 15 minutes. It was only when I tired to take it away that she gobbled it up - and gave herself the hiccups in the process. She has now spent the past hour sniffing around for any remnants of dog treat she may have left behind. Hopefully soon she will learn to eat treats and play with rocks.

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