Thursday, December 23, 2010

Emily, Honey and Hives

I may have touched on this topic in one of my Thanksgivingish blogs but now that Emily is home for Christmas I feel horrible. I am thrilled that she is here but she is so allergic to dogs that she
1. Breaks out in hives each time Honey licks her (which, being a 4 month old puppy, Honey does A LOT) and
2. Gets all stuffy, congested and sneezey (I know it is not a word, but you know what I mean)
Last time Emily came home we took bets on how long she would be home before she started to complain about her allergy to Honey. I believe Scotty won with a time of less than 5 minutes. That was it, one complaint and a lot of hand washing and Bendryl. So far no complaints, yet it must be so difficult especially since she loves Honey and wants to pet, play and help train her. Never having suffered from allergies I can only compare what Emily must be feeling to a bad head cold. I would not want to make a what-should-be-a-6-hour-drive-but-due-to-traffic-is-really-a-7 ½-hour-drive to feel miserable. But Emily does it. Why? Maybe because Honey is so irresistible. Maybe because Emily loves her family. Maybe because Emily is loved by her family. Maybe because it is Christmas. Maybe because she was raised by a great mom (I had to put that one in there!). I think it is because Emily is one of those rare people who will suffer in silence to bring joy and happiness to others. I am proud she is my daughter and happy she is home even if for just a quick visit!

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