Friday, December 31, 2010

Honey: The All in One Super Cleaner!

This is Jenny & today I took Honey on an adventure to Target and Publix. I quickly discovered that not only will Honey be the ultimate Guide Dog, but also a very good cleaning product. Upon entering my car, she decided to be a broom by rolling around on the floor to sweep up any loose bits of dirt. She then decided that she would also vaccum by attempting to eat every single scrap of leaf or paper on the floor. But she didn't even stop there! She went so far in her attempts to clean my car spotless that she became a duster by attracting every speck of dust to her fur, and a window/wall washer by licking every surface, including the gear shift which gave me a pleasant surprise when I shifted. Honey then attemted to redecorate by chewing my manual window crank, which was quickly put to a halt when I said "no!" and she decided her time would be better spent sitting on the floor like a good dog. We ran into Target very quickly, but so many people wanted to pet Honey. She was such a good girl walking, turning, and stopping whenever I told her to, but turned into a crazy dog whenever somebody tried to pet her. I was told that Honey was welcome at Target anytime! (I knew there was a reason I love Target!) We then went to Publix to get a few things for dinner, and I was told pets were not allowed in there. I explained that Honey was in training to be a "seeing-eye" dog, and was permitted to enter. My mom explained that I'm not supposed to say "seeing-eye" dog, but "Guide Dog". My bad. I shopped around while Honey again proved her worth as a cleaning product. This time she impersonated a mop by licking the Publix floors spotlessly clean in hopes of nabbing something tasty. She came home sufficiently tired after a good day of exposure. Hopefully she'll learn soon to stop eating things!

PS: Still working on getting a picture of her as a Hot Dog Dog...

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