Saturday, January 1, 2011

Honey through the weeks...

Although I have been keeping up with taking Honey’s pictures, I have not kept up with posting them here. And since we just had a lazy day today without much to report on Honey, here she is through the weeks so far..
Honey 11/05/10

Honey 11/12/10
Honey 11/19/10

Honey 11/26/10

Honey 12/03/10

Honey 12/10/10

Honey 12/17/10

Honey 12/24/10

Honey 12/31/10

Honey has grown so much since she arrived. She has more than doubled her weight, replaced too much of that fluffy puppy fur with wavy adult fur and lost 6 teeth (at last count). We hope the remainder of the time Honey has with us, she will continue to grow and learn the skills she needs to be a successful guide dog.


  1. What have you been feeding that girl! She is getting so big! Honey is such a cutie and will grow into a gorgeous guide dog! You are doing a great job with her!

  2. She's a beautiful dog! I can't believe she's getting so big... I hate how puppies have to grow up. Although I can't say I miss a lot of the "puppy" behavior.